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  随着中国、美国和欧洲新一代极轨和静止卫星仪器先后发射成功并投入使用,卫星遥感在天气业务、环境监测和气候研究中正发挥越来越重要的作用。云、气溶胶、降水及其相互作用是影响地球能量平衡和水循环的最主要因素,也是气候变化研究中的最不确定因素。因此云、气溶胶及其相互作用一直是气候变化的前沿科学问题。为了及时了解这些前沿领域的发展状况,三位相关领域的知名专家学者将在欧洲杯比分竞猜举行系列讲座。他们是以色列耶路撒冷希伯来大学Daniel Rosenfeld教授,美国马里兰大学、欧洲杯比分竞猜李占清教授,前NOAA卫星气象与气候处主任、现任中国气象局卫星研究与应用联合中心主任翁富忠研究员。三位将开设一周的高强度课程,共30学时,中英文授课,内容涵盖遥感基础、遥感在天气和气候中的应用、云物理理论、气溶胶、云和降水探测、人工影响天气、观测在模式模拟中的应用等。讲座期间还将安排学员实地参观正在开展的北京南郊大城市综合观测项目,以对遥感仪器与观测有更加直观的认识。


  With the successful launch and operation of the new generations of satellite sensors aboard polar orbiting and geostationary satellites by US, EU and China, satellite remote sensing is playing an increasingly important role in weather forecasting and environmental applications. At the same time, clouds, aerosols, precipitation and their interactions are in the forefront of the Earth's energy balance and water cycle, which are also the most uncertain factor in climate change research. Therefore, clouds, aerosols and their interactions have been the frontier of climate change studies.  In order to keep abreast of the development of these frontier fields, three well-known experts will give a series of lectures. They are Professor Daniel Rosenfeld of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, Professor Zhanqing Li of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University; Weng Fuzhong, Former Director of the NOAA Satellite Meteorology and Climate Division, and current director of the Joint Research Center for Satellite Research and Applications of the China Meteorological Administration. The three will offer a one-week high-intensity training course with 30 hours of instruction in both Chinese and English covering the basics of remote sensing, the application of remote sensing in weather and climate, cloud physics theory, aerosol, cloud and precipitation detection, weather modification, observation and mode inter-comparison, etc. During the lecture, a site visit to the comprehensive observation of large cities in the southern suburbs of Beijing will also arranged as an opportunity for a more intuitive understanding of instruments and observations.


  Highlight of the Course and Lecturers





  Morning (9-12:30)

  Afternoon (1:30-5:00)

  Aug 13


  Overview of remote sensing platforms, sensors and products

  Zhanqing Li


  Tutorial on Fast and Accurate Radiative Transfer Modeling

  Fuzhong Weng

  Satellite remote sensing for weather applications

  Fuzhong Weng


  Satellite remote sensing of cloud parameters

  Zhanqing Li



  Aug 14


  Satellite remote sensing of aerosol and precursor gases

  Zhanqing Li


  The importance of cloud aerosol interactions in Earth energy budget and radiative forcing. 0.5 h

  Danny Rosenfeld

  Satellite remote sensing for climate applications 

  Fuzhong Weng


  Aircraft observations of aerosol impacts on rain forming processes

  Danny Rosenfeld



  Aug 15


  Satellite remote sensing of precipitation

  Zhanqing Li


  Satellite observations of aerosol impacts on rain forming processes

  Danny Rosenfeld


  Aerosol effects on marine stratocumulus

  Danny Rosenfeld

  Convective invigoration by CCN suppressing rain and enhancing mixed phase precipitation

  Danny Rosenfeld

  Aug 16


  Convective invigoration by ultrafine aerosols

  Danny Rosenfeld

  Aerosol effects on glaciating clouds

  Danny Rosenfeld



  Aerosol effects on severe convective storms and tropical cyclones

  Danny Rosenfeld


  CCN retrieval and mapping from satellites

  Danny Rosenfeld


  Aug 17


  Use of remote sensing data for monitoring and understanding air pollution in China and impact on climate changes


  Zhanqing Li


  Tour the ongoing intensive field experiment of the comprehensive mega-city observations in southern Beijing.

  Zhanqing Li

  Adjourn at 3pm



  Biographies of the Lecturers


  Daniel Rosenfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel



  Dr. Rosenfeld received his B.Sc in geology, M.Sc and Ph.D (1986) in cloud physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He did his postdoctoral study at NASA/GSFC where he began learning satellite remote sensing (RS) and quickly became a leading expert. His primary research interests are in cloud physics, weather modification, aeroso-cloud-precipitation interactions. He has made numerous breakthroughs leading to paradigm shifts in weather modification, aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions. To date, D. Rosenfeld has published 173 papers in SCI journals including Nature, Science, Nature Geoscience, PNAS, JGR, etc. and a H-index of 51. He received the Verner Suomi Medal, WMO/UAE Prize for Excellence in Weather Modification, Schaefer Award, AGU’s Kaufman Award, etc. He is a member of European Academy of Sciences, fellow of AGU and AMS .


  Zhanqing Li, Beijing Normal University &University of Maryland



  Z. Li received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, a PhD (1991) from McGill University. He has been a professor  in the Dept of Atmos. & Oceanic Sci and ESSIC at University of Maryland, a 1000-Plan professor at the Beijing Normal University. He has engaged in wide range of studies concerning climate change, atmospheric physics, terrestrial and atmospheric environment. He developed a suite of remote sensing algorithms products and systems, drastically revised the disposition of solar radiation budget, solved cloud absorption anomaly, and revealed the long-term impact of aerosols on climate, and deeply engaged in air pollution and climate changes in China. He has received 10 research achievement awards from US, Canada and Germany, authored 270 articles in leading journals including Nature, Science, Nature-Geo . He is a fellow of AAAS, AGU & AMS; editor of J. Geophy. Res . and guest editor of ACP .


  Fuzhong Weng, CAMS/Key State Laboratory for Severe Laboratory



  F. Weng received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology,  a Ph.D.(1992) degree from Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, USA.


  He has been a 1000-Plan research professor at Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS).  He won a number of awards, including  the first winner of the 2000 NOAA David Johnson Award for his outstanding contributions to satellite microwave remote sensing fields and the utilization of satellite data in the NWP models  US Department of Commerce Gold Medal Award in 2005 for his achievement in satellite data assimilation,  NOAA bronze medal for leading successful NOAA-18 instrument calibration, and NOAA Administrator’s Award for developing new and powerful radiative transfer models to assimilate advanced satellite data.  He has 190 papers published in international journals. He is a co-chief editor of Journal of Meteorological Research.  








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